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Looking for more power and torque?

Towing or hauling heavy loads?

Want better economy?

Diesel Toys Australia has the answer!

Our ECU remapping is the safest and most controlled method of gaining substantially more power from your common rail diesel engine.

With over 5 years experience we have been able to produce our own customized maps to cover everything from economy to performance including proper 100% EGR delete, no cheap blanking plates required. We have learned that while plugin boxes seem like the easy solution to more power, they should be avoided at all costs. We have dealt with these “black boxes” over the years but they have never been able to perform to our high standards. Tuning directly to the ECU at the microprocessor level simply provides DRAMATICALLY more control and functionality. This translates into both BETTER fuel economy AND more power; something a plug in box could never do.

While we mainly tune common rail Toyota diesels from 2005-2015 including Hilux, Prado and Landcruiser other manufacturers can be catered for.

Tune Packages*

Stage 1 – 10-15% decrease in fuel consumption with a focus on economy and slightly less power in the engine’s mid-range.

Stage 2 – Provides a perfect blend of economy by approx. 5% and an overall 18-20% power and torque increase throughout the engine’s power band.

Stage 3 – Provides an increase in power and torque of 30-35% over stock with a strict focus on power. Most customers report no change in fuel economy. Up to approx. 170kw/230bhp and 550nm/405lb-ft torque on a 1KD-FTV.


EGR Delete only – $330

EGR Delete and Stage Tune – $695

Simply send us your ECU from anywhere in the country and with a 24hr turn around period we will ship it back to you at no extra charge.

*based on 1KD-FTV. Individual results may vary.

Other vehicle manufacturers can be catered for. To purchase please contact us with your vehicles make and model.




Performing an engine conversion?

Having trouble with your vehicles immobilizer system?

Are you a wrecking yard unable to test run engines due to lost smart keys or incomplete immobilizer system?

Do you run off-road or fleet vehicles which expose the immobilizer components to the elements?

Do you want a second plug and play ECU with a different performance MAP to be used at any time?

The Toyota immobilizer system is one of the most sophisticated and difficult to bypass in the Automotive world. Diesel Toys Australia is the only company to be able to offer an immobilizer delete service for late model Toyota diesel vehicles. We originally engineered this delete as a work around to one of the biggest problems with late model engine conversions while creating an easier and simpler swap. This also aids in fixing any problems anyone may have with original OEM systems and has many other advantages. Currently we can offer this service to most diesel Toyota vehicles from 2005-2015 including;

  • N70 series Hilux
  • 120 series Prado
  • 150 series Prado
  • 78/79 series Landcruiser
  • 100 series Landcruiser
  • 200 series Landcruiser

Price: $550

Just send us your ECU and with a 24hr turn around we will have it shipped back to you at no extra charge. Please contact us first with your ECU part number to guarantee this service can be performed.

A video of one of our ECU’s starting and running in a KUN26 Hilux can be seen here

To purchase or for more information please contact us



The perfect compliment to our ECU tuning is the E-drive Advance 4 Throttle Booster. This unit is a quick and simple plug and play installation which works inline of your electronic throttle pedal allowing 3 modes and the choice of 17 different steps. From economy to power modes it is fully adjustable to your driving style. While this is highly recommended as an add-on to our ECU tuning it is a perfect upgrade on its own for anyone looking for better throttle response from their vehicle.

While we specialize in offering this product to our Toyota customers many other manufacturers can be catered for. Our most common units are compatible with the Hilux, Prado and Landcruiser.

We also offer a specially developed unit just for the 70 and 100 Series Land Cruisers with 1HDFTE engine.

Price: $220

Please check your vehicles throttle pedal wiring plug against the list below to ensure compatibility.




Recommended for all diesels from standard to highly modified, monitoring output parameters is a great way to keep an eye on your engines health.  We offer this great 52mm SAAS unit combining an analogue 0-30psi turbo boost pressure and 0-900˚C digital exhaust gas temperature. This also has a 7 colour LED backlit display so can be customized to your interior. All sensor and mounting hardware included.

Price: $149


Purchase any ECU tune with EGR delete and an E-drive Advance 4 throttle booster to receive $45 off. Free postage.

Price $869


Purchase any ECU tune with EGR delete, an E-Drive Advance 4 throttle booster and a SAAS diesel Boost pressure/EGT gauge and receive $68 off. Free postage

Price $995