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What experience does DTA have in the industry?

Diesel Toys Australia is owned and operated by Andrew Lowry, located near Bathurst, NSW Australia. Andrew has 20 years mechanical experience which includes working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Automotive Mechanic, working with Japanese vehicle imports and as a parts interpreter.

Who does DTA provide this service for?

We primarily cater to private owners wanting to convert their own vehicles however anyone is welcome be it commercial or fleet vehicles. We are prepared to work with anyone through Diesel Toys USA – our petrol to diesel conversion specialist in Texas, USA.

What variety of makes and models are sourced?

Toyota Hilux, Prado and Landcruiser are primarily the vehicles we source engine conversion packages from. Most client’s vehicles are older FJ40, 60, 80 and 100 series Landcruiser, 200 series, FJ Cruiser, 4 Runner, Tacoma, Tundra and Sequoia. As these vehicles are only sold with petrol engines in the USA so we exist to fill the need for diesel powered vehicles.

What is the typical mileage / age of the used engines?

Engines sourced mainly include 1HDFTE, 1KZTE, 1KDFTV, 1VDFTV. These include the newer common rail diesel engines. Mileage depends on the second-hand market but we always try to source as low as possible at the time. We cannot guarantee mileage especially on older model engines. The oldest engines we source can date back to 1993 all the way to present model engines.

Are there any quality checks or inspections on the used engines?

Yes – all engines are test run in vehicle before removal. They are all inspected before packing. All components are washed and drained of all fluids for export.

Does DTA provide mechanical repairs to existing diesel engines rather than replacement?

In the USA due to the rarity of diesel engines most workshops do not have the specialized knowledge to work on them. We can provide a repair service to existing diesel engines and of course as a continued service to our own converted vehicles.

Does DTA provide parts other than diesel engines?

Yes – we can source all new OEM, remanufactured (on exchange), and aftermarket parts for the above-mentioned models. Remanufactured parts mostly include injectors and fuel pumps. Parts are as required but have a full backup of parts available if needed.

What drivetrain components are involved in the conversion?

All components from the donor vehicle including engine, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, ECU modules, ancillaries, cooling system are used so that the whole conversion once completed looks factory fit. We pride ourselves on a complete integrated solution to the converted vehicle. Wiring is completely custom made and with older vehicles the complete vehicle harness is custom made to accommodate the new diesel conversion. This may include a new digital dash and harness in something like the 40 series Landcruiser.

Does DTA do other 4WD enhancements?

Other enhancements are often requested by the customer at the same time the conversion is being done with our current fitting workshop in the USA and can be accommodated for including, but not limited to, lift kits, diff locks, air compressor systems, winches, bull bars, side steps, under body protection, long range fuel tanks, duel fuel systems (Biodiesel), engine performance modules and extra lighting.

It is important to note that these are all currently done by our workshop in the USA. Here in Australia we do not provide this as a standalone service at this time as the sourcing and supply of diesel engines is our primary focus.

Does DTA offer conversion packages like Diesel Toys USA?

Eventually this is something that we wish to provide in Australia but at the moment we are focussed on supplying to the USA. There are a lot of workshops in the USA that custom build vehicles and 4WD’s for their customers but none of them offer a late model common rail diesel engine option – as they are more abundant in Australia, that’s where we come in.

Is Diesel Toys USA the same business or a separate business doing the same thing?

We are separate businesses but work together where we source and supply parts required and they do the fitting and conversion service. In turn we will work with them to eventually provide a fitting service here in Australia.

What are the main advantages of petrol to diesel conversion?

Diesel engines are more economical and while producing more torque are better for towing and off-road use. Diesel engines inherently have a longer lifespan than their petrol counterparts. The USA is moving more towards other fuels such as Biodiesel. Biodiesel blended fuels can significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over their entire life cycle, from production through to use in the vehicle.