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Complete Drive-in Drive-out Engine Conversions

Introducing the ALL NEW DT630 V6 Turbo Diesel Engine

Seeing a gap in our lineup for a compact yet powerful diesel engine that is small enough to fit in vehicles where the 1VD V8 just wont go, we now offer the DT630.

We get a lot of calls from customers wanting to convert the 1VD engine into other chassis such as Hilux and Prado. Unfortunately the V8 is physically too large and too heavy for these vehicles and just wont fit. Secondly due to the fact that sourcing even second hand Toyota engines for conversion have never been more expensive our new diesel ticks all the boxes.

With current generation outputs on par to what is offered from the 200 series twin turbo V8 while being smaller, lighter and more economical the 3.0L V6 will be supplied BRAND NEW at a cheaper price point to a used 1VD. DT630 engines will come with a 2 year/unlimited kilometer parts warranty. We simply could not ask for a better engine option. These engines, mated to a BRAND NEW 8 speed auto (manual options to be offered) will be able to be fitted to almost any vehicle such as the Toyota Hilux while easily outperforming its competitors.


Below are listed current specifications for the DT630 engine compared to the 200 series 1VD-FTV.


  •                                  DT630 Engine Specifications                               1VD Engine Specifications

Displacement –                    2,987cc (182.3cu-in)                                           4,461cc (272cu-in)

Power –                                 194kw (260hp)*                                                    200kw (268hp)

Torque –                                650Nm (480lb-ft)*                                                 650Nm (480lb-ft)

Engine Weight –                   220kg (485lbs)                                                      372kg (820lbs)

Economy –                            7.5L/100km (32MPG)                                          10L/100km (23.5MPG)

Transmission –                        8 Speed Automatic                                             6 Speed Automatic

Warranty –                             2 Year/Unlimited Km Parts                                  Start up only


*Outputs of up to 224kw (300hp) and 770Nm (568lb-ft) are available.

Currently this engine will be fitted in-house only. Conversion kits will be produced in future for certain vehicles. If you are interested in having this engine fitted into your vehicle then please contact us.

Toyota Common Rail Diesel Engine Options

Diesel Toys Australia is the only workshop in the country to offer complete drive-in drive-out Toyota common rail D-4D engine conversions. If you have a vehicle that you wish to give a new lease of life to or looking for a restomod engine swap then we can perform the work for you. From sourcing a donor vehicle, performing all required work to a professional level right through to engineering and mod plating for registration, we do it all. If you require extra work or modifications such as suspension, brakes or any aftermarket items or systems then we will work with you to create your customized dream vehicle.

Although not limited to, some of the engine conversions we have/can perform;

1KD-FTV into 40 series Landcruiser

1KD-FTV into older model Hiluxes

1KD-FTV into 2010-2015 FJ Cruiser

1KD-FTV into 70 series Landcruiser

1KD-FTV into Series Land Rovers

1VD-FTV into 80 series Landcruiser

1VD-FTV into 105 series Landcruiser

1VD-FTV into Tundra

If you have any make or model vehicle you wish to be powered by a late model common rail diesel engine then please contact us to see how we can help.